Jade Rude

Sculptor and photographer Jade Rude is interested in using perception-shifting tactics to explore the relationship between representation and reality. She seeks to destabalize the perceptions of two and three-dimensional spaces in order to deconstruct what exactly justifies form, and the extent to which an object can defy its "apparent fixity." Rude interrogates the traditional, formal elements of a sculptural object, and analyzes the ways that space can be disrupted in a playfully confusing manner; employing illusions such as trompe l'oiel, inversions, and reversals. Paying attention to unconsidered spaces, Rude gives form to negative space; and the shadows and gaps that are so often overlooked. 

Rude's work has been exhibited in a number of spaces in Toronto, Ontario; including Zalucky Contemporary; YYZ Artist's Outlet; Division Gallery; Gladstone Hotel; Radiant Dark; and Queen Specific; and has also shown in Australia and Japan. She lives and works in Toronto, Ontario. 

Courtesy of the Artist