Jamie B. Wyeth

Jamie Wyeth was born into a long line of American artists. He began painting and drawing from a very early age and left public school in the sixth grade to devote more time to his art. By age 18, Wyeth’s work hung in several museums and private collections in the New England area. Wyeth excelled in portraiture and painstakingly studied his subjects, even taking an anatomy course to better understand the human body. Wyeth’s focus went beyond anatomical correctness: he wanted to capture the essence of his subjects’ characters. Wyeth would hold numerous meetings with his portrait subjects in order to get a feel for their personality, only painting them after he felt that he truly knew who they were. In 1975, Wyeth had his first retrospective at the Joslyn Museum in Omaha, Nebraska and in 1976 he and Andy Warhol exhibited together with their portraits of each other at the Coe Kerr Gallery in New York.