Jaume Plensa

Known for his large-scale public sculptures of figures, Jaume Plensa's installations at Chicago’s Millenium Park, Madison Square Park in New York City, the Nasher Sculpture Center, and elsewhere, produce an enchanting and mystifying vision of the human form as landscape. Early in his career, Plensa used materials more typically Minimalist than figurative for abstract sculptures, such as cannon balls, empty rooms, wooden boxes. But he has since gravitated to more somatic imagery and high-tech methods, such as gigantic heads or seated figures made of steel lattice, designed with the aid of computers. Plensa’s Crown Fountain, installed in Millenium Park in 2004, features two towers of glass bricks, with a black granite reflecting pool running between the two. The towers’ facing sides display video footage of various faces using an LED display inside each monolith. The people pictured blink, smile, stare, and purse their lips, from which fountains of water spring, flowing into the pool.

Jaume Plensa is known for his many international sculptures and installations. His popular sculptures and outdoor installations can be found all over the world, including Ogijima, Japan; Chicago, USA; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; New York, USA; Espoo, Finland; and Dallas, USA.