Jean-François Bory

Jean-François Bory is a concrete and visual poet, sculptor, filmmaker, painter, writer and editor born in 1938 in Paris, France. His primary mediums include sound poetry, visual poetry, found poetry and typewriter art. Bory is most known for his innovative approach to concrete poetry, which portray meaning through visual organization of words, letters, and other typographical devices. His book Once Again, published October 1, 1968, collects and presents concrete works by international writers meant to be read as "visual happening(s)."  

In 1970, Bory created L'Humidite, a magazine featuring authors, poets, and artists including Pierre Garnier, Henri Chopin, and Julien Blaine. The publication was a way for artists and thinkers to conduct a conversation and present their often rebellious ideas and avant-garde ideas which became definitive of the period. He is an editor at the Paris magazine Approches and the author of Plein SigneHeight Texts + 1, and Once Again.