Jenn Cortés

Jenn Cortés is an independent artist working in Brooklyn, New York. Says Cortés of her meditative practice, “there is a harmonious labor, of which we are not consciously aware, that exists within the system inside living beings as well as within the expansive, natural world. Each of us are a small element in the physical world. Our thoughts, emotions, failures, and successes are only a brief sigh in the timeline of the Earth. Many of the artworks I make are about bringing the hidden to the forefront and shining a light on the miniscule. I adopt themes used in religious art and combine that with the precious nature of biological specimens.” 

Cortés has shown her work at a number of exhibitions in Brooklyn including Club 157 Gallery, Gristle Gallery, Greenpoint Gallery, Java Gallery, and Figment, SCOPE Art Fair, New York. 

Courtesy of the Artist