Jeremy Hoffeld

Jeremy Hoffeld's work plays with ambiguity, and subverts the notion that one must choose between "abstraction and figuration, the new and the borrowed or even clichéd, the bright and the muddy, the natural/primordial and the synthetic/modern."  For Hoffeld, "paintings, both abstract and figurative, have always been linked with music and literature. (He) aim(s) to infuse (his) paintings with...improvisation, spontaneity, (and) energy." 

Hoffeld has had several solo shows since 2006 at galleries in New York including John Davis Gallery, Varga Gallery, Sky-Tree Gallery and Art Center, and the Catskills Gallery, as well as Galerie Hugo Cassel in Berlin. He was awarded the Best in Show prize at the Woodstock Artist Association and Museum, and is represented in private collections around the United States and Europe.

Courtesy of the Artist