Jeremy Millar

Wry, referential and multi-disciplinary, the work of British artist and curator Jeremy Millar defies categorization. In addition to creating his own anthropologically influenced work, Millar redefined traditional notions of curation—ushering in a new generation of artists who present curating as art. He conceived ‘Every Day is a Good Day’’ for Hayward Touring, the largest exhibition to date of the visual art of John Cage, which opened at Baltic in June 2010, and has curated many exhibitions nationally and internationally, including ‘The Institute of Cultural Anxiety’—Works from the Collection, ICA, London, (1994), and Speed, Whitechapel Art Gallery, and The Photographers’ Gallery, London, (1998), and was co-curator, with Barbara London, of escape, Media_City, Seoul (2000).

 Millar’s solo exhibitions include M/W, Muzeum Stzuki, Lodz, XDO XOL, Whitstable Biennale, Chandelier, London, The Oblate, Southampton City Art Gallery, Resemblances, Sympathies, and Other Acts, CCA, Glasgow, and Mondegreen, Project Arts Centre, Dublin, As Witkiewicz, Ethnographic Museum, Krakow, Given, National Maritime Museum, London, and Projector, Ikon, Birmingham, Inverleith House, Edinburgh. Group exhibitions include Turner Contemporary, Margate, The Collection, Lincoln and Mythographies, Yaffo23, Jerusalem, Chapter, Cardiff, Camden Arts Centre, London, David Roberts Art Foundation, London, Tate, St Ives.