Jim Verburg

With a practice stemming from photography, Verburg’s work is inspired by the subtle, nuanced, and fleeting affects of light. Employing materials such paint, ink, charcoal, and powdered graphite to interact with paper, newsprint, mylar, and vinyl, Verburg creates captivating compositions that mimic the delicate nuances of reflection, absorption, opacity, and translucence. Through an experimental process rooted in mindfulness and intentionality, Verburg explores the dynamic interplay between the physicality and emotionality of his materials. Tight geometric compositions are contrasted with layered planes of transparency to create subtle minimalist representations of a complex introspection. By treating light as both material and subject, Verburg pushes the boundaries of the physical by prioritizing the intangibilities of form. 

Recent projects include a public art installation for the city of Ottawa, a choreographed work for the Toronto Dance Theatre, a book project with Fw: Photography in Amsterdam, the upcoming group exhibition For you / And me, at Paul Kuhn Gallery (Calgary), and solo projects at Zalucky Contemporary (Toronto), and Rodman Hall Art Centre (Brock University, St Catharines, Ontario).

Courtesy of Galerie Nicolas Robert