John Isaacs

Confrontational Berlin-based artist John Isaacs uses bizarre, visceral and at times, grotesque imagery to challenge the everyday paradoxes of contemporary society. Working across a variety of media, in particular wax sculpture, Isaacs’ work often stands at the intersection of playful metaphor and intense pessimism, exposing his audience to the underbelly of a “fast-food guzzling, consumer-driven, resource-eating, air-polluting, earth-poisoning, prozac-popping” world. Through this highly tactile exploration into the base instincts of humanity, Isaac also re-imagines the world through a utopian lens, using humor to push the boundaries of flesh, bone and psyche.

Isaacs has exhibited extensively on an international level for over fifteen years, including Tate Modern, London, Kyoto National Museum of Art, Japan, Beaconsfield, London, Tate Liverpool, Liverpool, UK, and Museum der Moderne, Salzburg. Isaacs was guest lecturer at The Getty Foundation Los Angeles in 2005 and had his third solo show with Museum 52 in October 2007. He also participated in the critically acclaimed ‘Distortion’ exhibition at the 53rd Venice Biennale in 2009.