Jorge Juan Moyano

Also known as 'JJMO!', Mexican artist Jorge Juan Moyano is interested in the relationships between art, politics and culture. Experimenting with language, history, and a diverse range of materials, he uses the street as an exhibition platform in addition to his studio, where he creates paintings and drawings. His work is also influenced by his interest in skateboarding, punk rock music, and graffiti. 

Moyano is the developer of Casa Imelda in Mexico City, a gallery space that supports art production and education via an international artist in residence program. In 2003 Moyano was awarded the Acquisition Prize in the Bienal Puebla de los Angeles and has received two government sponsored art grants. Moyano participated in a residency at La Cité des Arts in Paris. Since 2004 he has taught in the Art, Design, Architecture, and Philosophy departments at various universities throughout Mexico. He currently lives in Mexico City where he is studying for a PhD in Social Anthropology.