Josiane Dias

Josiane Dias is a Brazilian photographer currently based in New York City.  Since 1993, when she left her hometown, Curitiba, she has lived in Brasilia, Geneva, Switzerland, Tokyo, Japan and San José, Costa Rica. Living in so many different cultures has influenced her photography in different levels. Her work is inspired by the urban and social landscape but not in a straightforward sense. She looks for the unnoticed and the unexpected detail of these landscapes, for something ephemeral yet permanent. Given her passion for photography and poetry she seeks to conjugate the two in her work, specifically in her project about diptychs.

Dias studied at the International Center of Photography, at the National Academy School and at the School of Visual Arts in New York, NY. She also has a Master in Linguistics and a first year of a Ph. D program at the Université de Genève, Switzerland. Her work has been featured in several exhibitions in New York, including the National Academy Museum, Soho Photo Gallery, Sonia Gechtoff Gallery, and is included in private collections.

Courtesy of the Artist