Joyce Wieland

Joyce Wieland is one of the most accomplished and versatile Canadian artists. She achieved a level of commercial and critical success in her lifetime that was exceptional for a woman in her era in a male-dominated field. Notably, she was the first female artist to have a solo exhibition at the National Gallery (Ottawa) in 1971 and the Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto) in 1987. 

In the mid 1960's Wieland began to embrace more representational and narrative elements in her work. Inspired by comic books, and her background in film Wieland drew extensively often directly referencing her childhood, professional journey, sexuality and of course her own portrait. Interestingly it was Doris McCarthy, who taught Joyce in high school and encouraged her to pursue being an artist (rather than a fashion designer) based on the strength and whimsy of her drawings. 

Joyce Wieland works can be found in numerous public collections across Canada including the National Gallery, Museum London and the Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto) to mention a few. 

Courtesy of Caviar20