Julia von Eichel

Early in her career artist Julia von Eichel abandoned color entirely in favor of the austerity, clarity, and exactitude black and white offered in creating her precise multidimensional works. Though flora and fauna inspire many of her forms, at the crux of von Eichel’s artistic practice is an investigation of light, line and kinesis. To begin a work the artist first pours a layer of acrylic onto Mylar, using a blow dryer to thinly and somewhat randomly spread the paint, and then etches a delicate pattern into the surface. In her Shadow Box Sculptures, von Eichel takes this process further, carving the organic shapes and sews them to Plexiglas. In yet another three-dimensional, architectural incarnation of the same original concept, she suspends the Mylar cutouts with numerous strands of spider-web-slim white thread, so that they float effortlessly mid-air.