Juliette Losq

Juliette Losq makes large-scale ink and watercolor drawings of immersive landscapes environments, often punctuated by urban remains or antique furniture. “I’m generally drawn to work where the landscape, whether populated or not, is an active element rather than a backdrop,” states the artist. Her abounding foliage invites viewers into a muted, yet nearly photo-realistic scene—much like a memory or nightmare. To create her intricate tableaus, Losq works over the surface repetitively, forming multiple painted layers that simultaneously obscure and reveal those beneath. Presented on wall-sized canvas or as part of an installation on ripped, scrolling paper, Losq elevates watercolour from its traditional connotations as a medium designated for portable preparatory sketches and domestic display. Inspired by Rococo prints, Victorian newspaper illustrations, vintage daguerreotypes, science fiction, 1930s horror films such as Frankenstein, and photographs she takes on explorations of overgrown sites, the artist aims to create parallel realities, “where the uncanny can coexist with the mundane.”

Losq has had solo exhibitions at The Fine Art Society, London, Galerie Arcturus, Paris, Theodore:Art, Brooklyn, and at the GS Tower in Seoul. Her work is included in The New Hall Women's Art Collection, All Visual Arts, and The Saatchi Collection.