Justin Bettman

Justin Bettman is a New York City based artist whose work often straddles the line of reality. He is known for his photographs of constructed scenes and his intricate lighting setups. His work explores the meaning of ordinary American life. With his first series Dark, Bettman let light dictate the images that he created of suburban life. He challenged his own view of the past by imagining unheralded stories of everyday life that wouldn’t have been documented.

Following the Dark project, Bettman has been working on his next project Set in the Street, in which he builds elaborate sets around the world out of unwanted and discarded found materials and furniture. In the end, he creates two images from each set: one that looks like it was taken in the interior of a home, and another that reveals the “larger picture” and true setting where the photo was taken; on the streets. Bettman’s work has been displayed at Bakersfield Museum of Art, Spring Break Art Fair, and Fountain Art Fair. 

Courtesy of the Artist