Justin Davis Anderson

Justin Davis Anderson is a Brooklyn based artist whose work explores the poetic relation of memory and experience. Often working from photographic, film, or video imagery, artist shot or appropriated, he uses painting and mark making as a self-exploratory and self-editing process. The work then resides in the dialectic of thought and experience, and there is a strong use of chance and the embrace of the instant or unknown in the work. Anderson finds influence not only in the cannons of art, but in religion, travel, poetry, music and everyday relationships.  

Often working with musicians and sound artists on collaborative films, he has worked with such names as The National, Hofferlanz, Juan Comas, Kyle Combs, F Books, and Rompers. Anderson has shown in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Newburgh, and Atlanta, and has made films for BAM and The National's High Violet World Tour.

Courtesy of the Artist