Katherine Aungier

In Katherine Aungier's studies on various practices of painting, her compositions reflect a deep curiosity with organic forms, nature, destruction, and dissection. Primarily gestural, her paintings layer unconventional colors in an attempt to explore our emotional and physical connection to the environment around us. Her pieces, which employ both impressionist and abstract styles, create imperfect textures, allowing the viewer to question the reality of what is presented on the surface of the canvas.

Aungier held her first solo exhibition in 2015 at Hood Gallery in Brooklyn. However, she has also been featured in a number of group exhibitions at galleries such as Underdonk Gallery in Brooklyn, Chapter 61 in New York, Beverly’s in Mexico City, Beverly’s in New York, and Art Basel in Miami. In addition to her art practice, Aungier acts as a curator for REGINA REX and Harbor gallery in New York.