Ken Kagami

Japanese artist Ken Kagami is known for his brashly humorous and playfully erotic works that involve stuffed toys, exposed genitals and bodily functions. Often merging Pop figures with bizarre, appropriative add-ons or colorful appendages, Kagami challenges contemporary Pop art sensibilities. The artist is also known for his collaborations with the band Deerhoof and since 2010, Kagami has operated the Strange Store, a retail space in Tokyo that sells clothing, objects, and printed ephemera.

In 2015 Kagami presented an “intimate portrait session” performance as part of the Live section of Frieze London; the performance drew an audience of more than 2000 visitors over the course of four days and involved the artist creating fictional portraits of each visitor’s penis or breasts. Kagami's selected past exhibitions include Bahamas Biennale, Detroit, MISAKO & ROSEN, Tokyo, What Pipeline (organized by Puppies Puppies), Detroit, The Green Gallery, Milwaukee, Nadiff Gallery, Tokyo, Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna.