Khotan Fernandez

Khotan Fernandez uniquely portrays the experience of man, exploring- in the course of his mature approach to seeing, he has unflinchingly captured honest depictions of MIMO and the full array of human emotion. They shout with joy and praise yet whisper in despair and anguish: declare aloud wonder of mirth yet give voice to hidden doubt, loneliness, and anger. Khotan’s works are poetry, art, science, and visual morsels all in one and are created to declare the truths of MIMO into every situation of our lives, a light to guide us through the desert.

Added to the above, Khotan also explores the human condition often through his animals, which can range from monkeys and gorillas to, flamingos and other residents of Florida’s wildlife – all the while drawing the viewer into an exploration of self. Fernandez does not just sketch and paint but also creates playful installations that continue his questioning of what it means to be part of the cosmos of this life.

"I paint to find things lost between the obvious; to explore the relationship between culture and nature. During the creative process, I invite the unknown and surprise myself with the freedom associated with structures."