Kristen Van Deventer

Creating paintings that vary in scale, medium and application, Kristen Van Deventer has produced a trajectory of work that often seems at odds–not only growing from, but evolving away from the previous encounter. Though each canvas retains a distinct singularity in its making, their proximity and relationship to each other describes one large growing body. Often, Van Deventer works simultaneously on paintings that are near copies of one another, revealing each painting’s individuality despite their similarities. Describing her 2015 acrylic on silk paintings, the artist has said, “The Landscapian Interiors were produced mark by mark. Their doubling was created in a one, two dance. A swirl of color here, the equivalent over there. They are not duplicates but twins made side by side.”

Van Deventer has had solo exhibitions at Regards in Chicago, David Petersen Gallery in Minneapolis, and Michael Jon Gallery in Miami. She has participated in group exhibitions at The Poor Farm in Wisconsin, Team Gallery in New York, and Control Room in Los Angeles, among other venues.

Courtesy of David Petersen Gallery