Landon Nordeman

Looking for the eternal in the ephemeral, Landon Nordeman photographs fine art projects and works for commercial and editorial clients around the world. 

Nordeman has photographed state fairs, dog shows, political conventions, and fashion shows. Both artist and journalist, his candid photos expose the extraordinary in the everyday life, and the humor in the extraordinary life. Nordeman is attracted to color and gesture, mystery and humor, preferring his work to ask a question, not give an answer. His mastery of light and composition combined with an eye to documenting unexpected moments make his work visually and intellectually fascinating.

Nordeman graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Arts degree in American Studies and continued on to Ohio University to study in the School of Visual Communication. Landon’s photographs have been exhibited at The Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York and The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing among other venues, and are in the collections of The Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and The Columbus Museum of Art. His monograph, Out of Fashion, published by Damiani, was named one of Time’s Best Photobooks of 2016.

Courtesy of Voltz Clarke Gallery