Laura Murray

Laura Murray is a multimedia artist who creates highly textured, 3-dimensional artworks that focus on how the fields of science, urbanism and art are inherently interconnected.  Highly influenced by memories of growing up in the poorer suburbs of Oklahoma City, her work often showcases evidence of aging man-made infrastructure.  She combines traditional mediums such as oils, watercolors and graphite with organic materials such as dirt, hair, egg shells and insects to make artworks that blur the line between painting, sculpture and assemblage.  Fragility is a key theme throughout her work.

Laura Murray was born and raised in Oklahoma City, OK.  She received her BFA from the School of Visual Arts in 2012.  She has completed two residencies: the Oklahoma Summer Art Institute Residency in Oklahoma City, and the Snug Harbor Artist Residency Program in Staten Island.  Her work has been exhibited in numerous venues, including Postmasters Gallery (New York, NY); Concepto Hudson (Hudson, NY); Arc Gallery (San Francisco, CA); the Oklahoma City Museum of Art (OKC, OK), and Galerist (Istanbul).  Her work has been featured in New York Magazine, Dazed Magazine, The Nation, and Vice’s The Creators Project.

Courtesy of the Artist