Léa Belooussovitch

Léa Belooussovitch’s series of photographs and drawings on felt are reinterpretations of materials gathered from various media sources and from her family history. Her subject matter is presented as a re-imagining of the how current information through media is received and comprehended. Belooussovitch makes the visual context of the presentation challenging by confronting the ethics of how a ‘story’ or an ‘issue’ is framed through her works disorienting visual production. With this somewhat aesthetic approach, Belooussovitch initiates dialogue, reframes desensitization and demonstrates the urgent need to think beyond the ‘elsewhere’ and ‘other’ of media.

Belooussovitch has shown her works in a number of exhibitions since 2011, including Musumeci Contemporary, Brussels, galerie Nadine Feront, Brussels, Platform 102, Brussels, Fondation Moonens, Brussels, galerie Artecontemporanea, Brussels, galerie Starter, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, Galerie Oberkampf, Paris and Musée des arts décoratifs, Paris, among others. 

Courtesy of HD Gallery