Leandro Antolí

Leandro Antolí studied painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Complutense University of Madrid, doing the specialty of restoration. He has influence in his painting by Spanish masters Eduardo Arroyo and Pablo Palazuelo.

Antolí is also a professor of painting and his work is also influenced by abstract expressionism and by Spanish graphism and informalism. His artworks are loaded with material and elements based on poetry and the inclusion of typography or messages of words or phrases that are diluted and integrated into the work as subtle presences.

Leandro Antolí about his work: "These works that I produce and that emerge from within the internal commotions that produce in me, life, human beings, nature, the earth and all its content: beauty and ugliness ... the hill with aligned autumn trees and the naked fierceness of the world's nothingness. "

He has won several painting prizes in Spain and his artistic works are in important private and institutional collections in Spain, Portugal, Denmark, France, Italy and USA.

Courtesy of the Artist