Lena Henke

Lena Henke’s sculptures consider the ways in which the medium is self-reflective yet industrialized, open-ended conceptually yet reliant on its formal qualities. Foregrounding the act of transformation, Henke often works with non-linear narratives and improvisation to juxtapose materiality with display. The artist is influenced by architecture and art historical debates concerning Minimalism and manufactured objects. Like an Alexander Calder mobile or Richard Serra steel behemoth, Henke’s work reflects upon the ways in which forms might influence the social reality of her viewer and the fragile balance of forces in one’s environment.

Henke has shown at institutions including Neuer Aachener Kunstvrein, Germany; Art Metropole, Toronto; MMK Zollamt Museum of Modern Art, Frankfurt; CCA, Glasgow; KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin; and Kunstverein Gelsenkirchen, Gelsenkirchen, among other international galleries. She was awarded a West LB-Stiftung Zukunft young artist grant in 2012, and participated in the International Residency Program at Air Antwerp in the same year.