Leo Musa

Leonardo Musa creates photos, video art, performances and mixed media artworks that provide a glimpse into a strange universe. He utilizes a multimedia approach to pursue nonlinear narratives with the use of diverse technical strategies, revealing and reducing the archetypal event into its tangible substance.

As a witness, an accomplice, or a voyeur, Musa portrays raw daily life and real people in urban or naturalistic landscapes that branch from the streets of São Paulo, to the bars of Berlin, to the idilic landscapes of Reykjavik. His works transport the viewers to the hidden reality beneath everyday life, revealing the moments “in-between” and opening up distinct narrative possibilities. He often creates meta-narratives that intend to reveal the underlying notions of symbolic understanding itself. Through his eyes, the ordinary becomes extraordinary and even something as trivial as a hole in a white wall is embedded with multiple, dubious meanings.

Whatever reality is in play, Musa’s work reveals to the viewers just how many layers of communication and meaning can be extracted from a simple, fleeting gesture.

Courtesy of the Artist