Lia Bekyan

Lia Bekyan is an Armenian fine art photographer based in New York. She's primarily interested in visual storytelling through portraiture and landscapes, often inspired by the urgency of healing and expansion. Using natural instincts her work is investigative and sculptural, responsive to the zeitgeist of the world.

Painting, music, and photography are the main driving forces in her life. Since 4 years old she has been experimenting with these mediums to identify and express her perception of self and the world around her. She received her Bachelor's degree in fashion and interior design from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Armenia in 2005 and pursued a graduate degree at the Hyper Island digital media school in Sweden. Driven by a quest for connection and identity, she never stopped photographing those around her, eventually finding the camera as her main excavation tool into the deeper realms of existence.

Her personal work is featured in publications including Fotografiska, British Journal of Photography, New Yorker Photo, The Independent Photographer, Fotoroom, Museé Magazine, Booooooom. At the moment, Bekyan is focusing on fine art prints and editorial work.