Lily Colman

Lily Colman’s practice is based in photography, text and narrative—making portraits, and recording stories of her subjects. Two of her ongoing projects include Do I Look Sick to You?, consisting of portraits and interviews of people living with Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, and Next Year in Jerusalem, documenting her Israeli family members, their shared family history, and how they remain connected through several generations. Both projects are an exploration of self and the connection to others, and contain several self-portraits. Colman shoots mainly in color film with a Pentax 67II, and prints in a color darkroom at the International Center of Photography.

Colman has most recently shown her work at David Zwirner Gallery and Trestle Gallery. She also published her project Do I Look Sick to You? in book form in 2013. Lily took part in a group-residency program at Trestle Gallery from July through December of 2015.

Courtesy of the Artist