Lisa Kirk

Lisa Kirk’s paintings, sculptures, videos, and installations express the artist’s preoccupations with the moral complexity of consumerism, collective fear and trauma, and radical politics. She has described her works as having a visual vocabulary that “references war, popular entertainment, middle-class American violence, and my sentiment of nostalgia for revolt.” Her materials and process are frequently dissimilar from each other but are united by the way in which they address the human condition. Her practice sometimes includes performative elements. In one instance, Kirk was present during an exhibition to offer aura readings and custom elixirs. Other works include a commercially available perfume named Revolution, which lists among its scents tear gas, blood, urine, and rubber.

Lisa Kirk’s work has been exhibited in group and solo shows, including MoMA PS1, New York, the Electronic Arts Festival at Governors Island, New York, SVA Gallery, New York, Performa Biennial 09, New York, and Exile, Berlin. She has received a range of grants from Outpost Artist Resources, The Foundation For Contemporary Art, and Long Beach Museum.

Courtesy of the Artist