Loring Taoka

Loring Taoka's work is a contemplation on perception and context. Using basic geometric elements, Taoka creates illusory images in various states of flux. Shapes overlap, are imcomplete, and blend together. Taoka is interested in occupied spaces, and the way that the physical body relates to various environments while still retaining its own solid form. He intersperses two-dimensional objects with three-dimensional spaces and vice versa, to essentially undo the ability for each element to define the other. By overlapping and conflating  disparate geometric elements, Taoka interrogates fluctuations of space and the ever-changing relationship between opposites. 

Taoka's work has been exhibited at Galleri Urbane in Marfa, Texas; CES Gallery in Los Angeles; and PULSE Miami Beach Art Fair. He receieved his BA from the University of Toledo in 2008, and his MFA in Studio Art from the University of North Texas in 2011. He lives and works in Arkansas.