Lukas Geronimas

Lukas Geronimas’s works bring together elements of invention, DIY design, reuse, repurpose, and rejuvenation, at times building to a minor spectacle. Geronimas employs canny and sophisticated skills with a modest set of recognizable, even mundane, sculptural materials that carry the capacity to speak to a particular form of the well-crafted. For "Geatest Show on Rearth," his 2015 exhibition at David Petersen in Minneapolis, the artist presented a collection of sturdy, static objects that speaks to support, are comprised of supports and themselves are supports. For these objects, including a wood table whose graphite and ink covered top has been carved into with graffiti doodles such as a cartoon pegasus and the pound sign, craft is still significant, vital, despite, seemingly ample imperfections.

He has had solo exhibitions at David Petersen Gallery in Minneapolis, Jack Chiles in New York, and Asian Song Society in New York. His work has been included in group exhibitions at The Housatonic Museum of Art in Bridgeport, and in New York at Andrea Rosen Gallery 2, KANSAS, and ROOM EAST, among other venues.

Courtesy of David Petersen Gallery