Lynn Loo

Singapore-born, London-based filmmaker Lynn Loo is noted for her poetic exploration of sound-image relationships. In 1997, she broke from her background in music and produced her first films, which where diaristic in style and content. Later on, upon relocating to London and encountering the expanded cinema work of artists working during the 1970s and with the London Filmmakers’ Co-op, Loo was inspired to redirect her work toward more experimental ends. To that effect, Loo continues to produce film wherein she emphasizes material qualities, the production process, and a cinematic environment. She often employs multiple projectors or incorporates performative elements, and overridingly, Loo’s films rely on sound and image only to convey thoughtful narratives that are deliberately void of text and spoken word. 

Loo has actively collaborated with artist Guy Sherwin since 2005, and her idependent films have been included in film festivals around the globe. In 2001, Loo received the Anne Raymond Louis Foundation Fellowship, and in 2004, she was a fellow artist at The MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire.