Maik and Dirk Löbbert

Maik + Dirk Löbbert, an artist collaborative who live and work in Germany, create installation art, site-specific interventions, and photographic works that heighten and challenge our perception of the everyday world. With degrees in photography and sculpture, respectively, the two brothers began working together in 1985, drawing on their individual artistic practices to create photographic works that incorporate sculpture and installation. For their first collaboration the brothers collected found objects on the street, arranged them into sculptural assemblages, photographed them, and then discarded the original found objects. In keeping with their initial project, the two have continued to take as their subject matter the mundane or banal—including city buildings, found furniture, and streetlights – creating artistic studies in a wide array of media that evidence the way our environment is shaped by the structures and objects that surround us, challenging viewers to re-envision and engage with the everyday world.