Marcos Vilas Boas

Brazilian photographer Marcos Vilas Boas has been photographing landscapes since 1994. In 1997 he started the project Flat Horizon, nocturnal images of the maritime horizon lines. Through the manipulation of long exposure images, a uniquely poetic and inspiring aura of the horizon is created. The weather conditions found on-site are fundamental for the construction of the photos, as the camera registers every climate change and physical movement that takes place through the period of the long exposure. This way, each picture captures a unique moment, of reflection, observation, assimilation of the weather and the geography. 

Vilas Boas has exhibited at Museu de Arte do Rio, São Paulo, Brazil, Casa das Rosas, São Paulo, Sesc Paulista, São Paulo, and De Angeles Gallery, Spain. Vilas Boas has created photo essays for cinema, including the feature film Lisbela e o Prisioneiro by director Guel Arraes, and Carandiru by director Hector Babenco. Publications of his work include Vogue and Wallpaper magazines. 

Courtesy of the Artist