Marie Angeletti

French artist Marie Angeletti uses the repetition and re-presentation of photographic images to capture a range of subjects and abstracted objects. Culling images from across various art historical sources, display cases and new media, including Google image searches, Angeletti photographs and re-photographs her compositions, blurring the original source material. The installation and presentation of her work addresses the various roles that photography can play within a contemporary context. 

Angeletti has had solo exhibitions at a number of institutions including Künstlerhaus Bremen, Bremen, Carlos/Ishikawa, London, castillo/corrales, Paris, and Cole, London. Group shows include Edouard Montassut, Paris, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, Austria, High Art, Los Angeles, Kunstverein Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Weltkuturen Museum, Frankfurt, and Institute for Contemporary Art, London.