Marie-Jo Lafontaine

Working in installation, photography, video and sculpture, Marie-Jo Lafontaine is a conceptual artist whose practice spans multiple media and forms, often blurring the boundaries between them (as in her "video sculptures.") Though the artist typically generates two-dimensional images—whether monochromes, videos, or photographic prints—her work reflects an interest in space. Her photography tends toward the documentary, featuring almost exclusively human subjects posed into portraits. Lafontaine is interested in looking closely at bodies, whether using the palette of skin or depicting aspects of movement. In Round the Ring (1981) she depicts boxers head on as they punch toward the camera, while Dance the World! (2008) poetically films dancers performing Flamenco and Tango. Lafontaine has exhibited internationally, at venues including the Centre Georges Pompidou, the Palais des Beaux Arts in Brussels, the Tate Gallery, and LACMA.