Marina Blanca Skulpturen

Marina Blanca is a visual artist experimenting with material, color and space to explore the notion of interaction. Her sculptures transform spaces into dynamic playgrounds. Throughout her artistic career, Blanca focuses on the relationship between the figurative players and the abstract elements of a game. By depicting the facial features of individuals with portrait busts cast in bronze, she emphasizes on the mood and position of her players. Later, she blew armchairs out of proportion or installed armies of white ceramic vases, that embody architectural elements and act as pawns in a game.

By opposing the functionality and dysfunctionality of human adequacy, she raises questions relating to the individual, to his or her vulnerability and or their finiteness. For Blanca, her sculptures are personalities, which also talk. They are bodies that can be treated flexibly in their placement – lying on the floor, positioned on tables, hanging from the ceiling.

Courtesy of the Artist