Mark DeLong

Mark Delong is a self-taught artist working in a range of media, including sculpture, drawing, painting, and sequential art. His work has featured a rotating cast of characters in situations both ordinary and surreal. Drawing inspiration from dreams, popular television, and the absurdities in day-to-day life, Delong's work combines humor with a raw and spontaneous aesthetic. As a metaphor for artistic process and art making from a primitive perspective, Mark Delong creates paintings with a fresh color palette, broad marks, and active abstraction. The ceramic works Delong is widely acknowledged for are born in new shapes with strong graphic sensibilities.

Past exhibitions include Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Museum of London Ontario, Cooper Cole, and L.E.S Gallery, Canada; Colette, Paris; Perugi Artecontemporenea, Italy; Edward Thorp, Spencer Brownstone, New York and Ed. Varie, New York, Miami and Paris.

Courtesy of Ed. Varie