Martin Gerstenberger

The work of German-born artist Martin Gerstenberger combines elements of Street Art and Outsider Art with traditional elements of painting and sculpture. Influenced in his youth by murals by artist such as Os Gemeos, and Flying Förtress, Gerstenberger concentrated on working “en plein air,” finally moving to the studio in 2013. Experimenting with the different energy and history of individual art forms, the artist transforms his works through a process he refers to as “cultural up-cycling.” Gerstenberger says that his work, “builds a visual contrast to the overwhelming mechanization and automation of almost all working fields. To oppose the thread of pure algorithmical design and artificial creativity, I give way for spontaneous and naive ideas to shape the structure and outcome of a work.”

Gerstenberger has shown his mixed media works in a number of exhibitions including Galerie Haeckel, Landshut, Germany, Anonyme Zeichner, Berlin, Germany, Gallery Heike Arndt, Berlin, Germany and V-Gallery, Basel, Switzerland, among others. He has also worked on many murals for both private and public commissions.