Martin Soto Climent

Mexico City-based sculptor Martin Soto Climent combines ordinary, recognizable objects like beer bottles, high heels, and bicycle parts in tenuous sculptures. Through simple transformations, he examines the values of, and relationships between, objects - as seen in his set of Venetian blinds twisted into birdlike form. His work is reminiscent of Dadaists such as Marcel Duchamp, and invoke conceptual themes of the balance between masculine and feminine. Each of his works has an erotic, almost fetishistic quality to it. 

Climent's work has appeared in countless solo and group exhibitions internationally, at museums, galleries, and fairs including Lulu Gallery in Mexico City; Untilthen Gallery in Paris; DREI Gallery in Cologne; Palais de Tokyo in Paris; Proyectos Monclova in Mexico City; Museo Universitario del Chopo in Mexico City; T293 in Rome; Michael Benevento in Los Angeles; Frieze London; SALTS in Basel; Villa Medici in Rome; Galerie Perrotin in Paris; Via Gabba 1 in Milan; Karma International in Zurich; X Initiative in New York; and more.