Martin Wilner

Martin Wilner creates meticulously crafted, cartoon-like drawings and prints, many of which exist as part of larger series. Taking as his inspiration anything from a visit to Poland with his Holocaust-survivor parents to daily news headlines or random encounters on the subway, Wilner creates works that are at once highly accessible and deeply personal. Nearly always depicted in black and white, and often using small text and elaborate patterns to create texture, Wilner's works combine a formal aesthetic with the populist appeal of comic books. Many of Wilner’s long-term drawing projects also take inspiration from his background as a practicing psychiatrist, integrating various psychological symbols and dream interpretation into his visual compositions.

Wilner has been the subject of several solo exhibitions including Hales Gallery, London, Sperone Westwater, New York, Pierogi, New York, The Cartin Collection Ars Libri, Bosto and Bravin Lee Programs, New York. Group exhibitions include The Morgan Library and Museum, New York, the Jewish Museum, New York, and the Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh.