McKinley Wallace III

“I am a Black man who paints, draws, and collages to tell stories of power manifested in resilient peoples, determined to resist erasure and break free of master narratives. My work embodies a unique strength expounded by the oppressed. I explore race, history, and intersectionality. My ideas are often expressed in a graphic style that incorporates realism, minimalism, and hard-edge painting. My mixed media works show individuals in and out of site-specific or abstracted black-and-white spaces, framed by or shaped like rectangles and squares, a metaphor for segregation, defiance, and freedom. The black space represents Black power, and the white space represents white supremacy. Currently, the blue can represent three things: the omnipresent police state, the sky, which represents unity and the creation of just futures, and water, which I use to convey rebirth.”