Melanie Sherman

Melanie Sherman's work references exclusive and precious porcelain wares from 18th-century Europe. In her work, she tries to capture the qualities for which porcelain has been known since its discovery in China: whiteness, translucency, and resonance. She is attracted to the enamel and luster surfaces of the Baroque, Renaissance, and Rococo porcelain designs as well as elaborations on structural elements from these time periods.

Sherman is interested in incorporating and referencing historic drawings, motives, and patterns into her work. Studying the history of ceramics Sherman has been captivated by the relationship between East and West, and how they continue to influence each other, especially through the ceramic arts. Although there might be considerable differences between the two civilizations, the cultural exchange between them is an important connector of history and has produced a long and rich exchange of ideas between artists and makers. Asian craft traditions have been handed down to the West and the handmade aspect, even within the factory setting, is still an important concept that allows for control of design and quality by the artist, which is essential within craft of the West.

Courtesy of the artist