Michael James Murray

Michael James Murray is known for his 360 degree spherical panoramic photographs depicting a visual journey of a perpetually changing world. Michael’s photography deals with 360 degree space compressed into a spherical panorama. The lack of constraint imposed by working within a specific field of view allows him to explore in depth the relationship between objects, structures, and textures in both the natural and manmade world. By photographing the world this way, the camera is omnipresent, allowing for an epic narrative of the complexities and intricacies of a space.

One of Murray’s recent projects, Worlds Apart (published by 21st Editions) focused on using the camera to investigate places where man and nature intersect, analyzing primeval worlds of earth and stone as well as the will imposed on them for better or worse by man. In Worlds Apart Murray’ used monochrome to emphasize the overall atmosphere of the images, drawing greater attention to the interrelation of light, form and texture. 

Courtesy of the Artist