Michele O'Marah

Michele O'Marah addresses the nearly forgotten relics of Hollywood and American media through her video art. She produces low-budget, home-style films that feature nonprofessional actors and and her friends. O'Marah notes that this style serves to focus the viewer on the deconstruction of the narrative and enables her to tackle assumptions made about the characters in her works. More specifically, O'Marah questions the interpretation of fact and history as warped by the media.

Resonating with the YouTube generation of today, O'Marah's lo-fi aesthetic has been an identifiable aspect of her work since productions such as 2002's Valley Girl. In 2009 she was honored with an artist's grant from the Durfee Foundation and has continued to show in galleries in the United States and abroad. The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles currently holds O'Marah's video work in its collection.