Morten Schelde

Morton Schelde works with etching and printing techniques and in drawing to render images both figural and abstract. Schelde often works in a limited palette, sometimes purely monochrome, which lends a sense of surreality to his images. In his colorful compositions, Schelde creates entire fantastical worlds, toying with perspective and rendering saturated interiors, portraits, and landscapes bursting with symbolism. Anthropomorphism plays an important role in Schelde’s approach to the figural, with wolves, bears, and horses, among other creatures, as recurring characters. For all Schelde’s interest in the natural world, the artist is equally fixated on domestic spaces, such as beds and doorways. He blurs the line between the two, bringing the outside in, and vice versa, reflecting his interest in the dreamy conflation of different spaces.  Formally, the artist emphasizes line, not only with his choice of media, but also in his compositional fixation on multiple perspectives. Schelde's work has been exhibited across Europe and the United States.