Nadav Weissman

Nadav Weissman, born 1969, has exhibited solo shows and participated in distinct worldly exhibitions, establishing himself in recent years as a young, interesting, and innovating artist. His work is imaginative, original, and unique in all substance, visual, and stylistic aspects. Weissman’s work creates a seduction that acts as a trap and uses visual images of humor and playfulness as interpretation to the world. Composed of paintings, sculptures, and objects, Nadav Weissman's installations reflect his relentless quest for Home: houses built of bones, carried on ship's deck—the look out to space is bright and hopeful but the house always fails.

Weissman is the winner of the Ministry of Education and Culture Award for Distinction in the Visual Arts, 2005, and a scholarship for young artists, Mif’al Hapa’is, in Israel in 2002.

Courtesy of Chelouche Gallery