Nancy Milner

After studying at the University of Reading, Nancy Milner came to the Royal Acedemy of Arts to complete a postgraduate diploma, subsequently graduating in 2013. She constructs paintings that use color and form to investigate light and space in painting. She is particularly interested in the relationship between painting and architectural spaces, and how the question of ‘what to do’ in a space influences painting.

Group exhibitions and venues to showcase Milner’s work include Matthews Yard, Architectural Fragments at Apiary Studios and a solo show at The Fisher Theatre in Bungay, Suffolk. Her residencies include: Abbey Scholar in Painting and The British School at Rome (2014 – 2015). Already collecting prizes early in her career, Milner has been awarded the Keeper’s Print Prize, the Jerwood Painting Prize and a bursary from the Artists’ Collecting Society.

Courtesy of the Royal Academy of Arts