Netta Laufer

The work Netta Laufer produces analyzes the evolution of domestication as an aggressive political power system. It is motivated by the departure of the Human species from the natural world, and the reintroduction of a modified and domesticated version of nature that forms a new artificial balance. Absence represents the subject and functions as a pivotal point in all of her works. "I use both video, and stills, to withdraw my subjects from their natural environment, and underline their presence through the process of disappearance".

Laufer’s Black Beauty was exhibited in a solo show at the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem, and at Fresh Paint 7 art fair in Tel-Aviv. Recently Laufer exhibited the work Cells at Alfred Gallery, Tel-Aviv. Her latest work 25FT granted her the 2016 SVA Alumni Society Scholarship. The work was exhibited at the 2016 Governor Island Art Fair NY.

Courtesy of the Artist