Nicolás García Uriburu

Nicolás García Uriburu is an architect, a visual artist and a pioneer in land-art. His somewhat political art Latin America Union for Rivers, No to Political Borders and others effect a criticism of the antagonism between nature and civilization, and between man and civilization. In addition to his work as an artist, Uriburu has worked on social problems. His defense of the environment has included multiple tree plantings, both in Argentina and in Europe. He is a founding member of Grupo Bosque with whom he participated in reforestation campaigns in Maldonado, Uruguay.

His work has been exhibited at major museums and galleries around the world and has been recognized with many prizes. In 1968, he received the Gran Premio de Pintura Nacional in Argentina, and his international prizes include Prix Lefranc, Paris, 1968, First Prize at the Tokyo Biennial, Tokyo, 1975, and the Fondo Nacional de las Artes’ Premio a la Trayectoria, Buenos Aires, 2000, which recognizes lifetime achievement. Since his Coloration of the Gran Canal of Venice during the 1968 Venice Biennial, his large-scale interventions in nature have attempted to raise consciousness about pollution in rivers and seas. 

Courtesy of Praxis International Art